T-Mobile – Prepaid Pay As You Go

T-Mobile – Prepaid Pay As You Go

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Product Description


With T-Mobile To Go you get Pay As You Go wireless service exactly how you want it — the coolest handsets and the newest ways to communicate. All with the best pricing. No annual contract. No credit check. No surprises. Get it to go!

Denomination Minutes Text MMS Expiration
$10.00 30 10¢ per text $0.25 each 90 days
$25.00 130 10¢ per text $0.25 each 90 days
$50.00 400 10¢ per text $0.25 each 90 days
$100.00 1000 10¢ per text $0.25 each 365 days
Coverage T-Mobile nationwide network
PIN Activation Instructions Dial *EASY from your wireless phone (free call) or dial 1-877-778-2106 from any phone and follow the automated prompts.
Customer Support Contact T-Mobile customer support at 877-778-2106 or dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone.

Unlimited Talk & Text with High Speed Internet

Priced at $70 per month, the T-Mobile monthly Unlimited Talk and Text with High Speed Internet data allows prepaid mobile users to take advantage of unlimited domestic calls, texts, and MMS for 30 days. High Speed unlimited data download is also included in the prepaid bucket.

Unlimited Talk & Text with Data

A prepaid mobile recharge of this monthly bucket costs $50 per month, and it includes month-long unlimited calling, texting, and web (First 100 MB at up to 4G speeds)

1500 Talk & Text with 30 MB Data

At $30 per month with a 30-day validity period, this T-Mobile prepaid monthly top-up includes 1500 credits which may be utilized as minutes or messages. Thus prepaid customers can customize their mobile usage to meet their specific preferences and needs.

Unlimited Text and $0.10/Minute

Prepaid users who frequently use T-Mobile's text messaging service can enjoy 30 days of unlimited texting at just $15 per month. Also, one can take advantage of unlimited picture and video messaging included in the T-Mobile monthly prepaid plan.

But to surf the web or send and receive emails, a $1.49 Web DayPass may be purchased for a 24-hour unlimited data download. This daily data plan is also applicable to the rest of the T-Mobile prepaid unlimited monthly plans whenever the allotted amount of data is consumed.

Purchasing Prepaid Refills and Customer Support

T-Mobile monthly refills can be purchased from Babblebug.net, which accepts credit cards and debit cards as modes of payment. Once the T-Mobile monthly prepaid top-up purchase is confirmed, an instant refill PIN is sent to the customer's email or will be available on the order history page.

For customer service and other inquiries, prepaid users can call T-Mobile's customer service Hotline: 1-877-778-2106. The network's dedicated customer support is available 24/7.

Updates from T-Mobile

Since the recent launching of T-Mobile's $79.99/month unlimited call, text, and data for postpaid customers, the network has confirmed recent reports of a similar package for its growing prepaid market. The T-Mobile unlimited monthly talk, text, and data plan will be priced at $70 per month, which will be launched on May 22, 2011.

However, it is important to note that although T-Mobile has announced the data transfers as unlimited, monthly data downloads that exceed the 2GB cap would be still be possible but at slower download rates, with speeds equivalent to that of 2G networks.

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