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NET10 Wireless

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A subsidiary of TracFone Wireless, Miami-based Net10 Wireless offers subscribers hassle-free prepaid pay-as-you-go and prepaid monthly plans with its nationwide coverage, delivering a more appealing alternative to the rather confusing and financially draining contract-based service plans.

With Net10, prepaid subscribers enjoy seamless calling, messaging, and data services with network coverage provided by major wireless network hosts across the United States. Just like TracFone Wireless, Net10 caters its prepaid services to a specific audience who prefers basic call and text services without the bells and whistles that other prepaid networks provide. However, Net10 also includes data downloads and picture messaging services—features that TracFone Wireless lacks.

Because Net10 Wireless only offers prepaid mobile service, subscribers no longer need to sign-up for complicated service plans, pay bloated monthly bills, and file billing disputes arising from unknown usage charges that usually plague postpaid wireless subscribers. Also, the absence of credit checks allows even the credit-challenged customers to gain access to the network’s nationwide wireless services.

Denomination Sale Price Minutes Expiration Babble Rewards
$30.00 $30.00 300 60 days 30 points
Text Messaging 5¢ per text (sent or received)
International Calling Available- Please contact Net10 for rates and details.
PIN Activation Instructions To add minutes from your mobile phone, press MENU> PREPAID MENU> REDEEM AIRTIME> and enter PIN.
Customer Support Contact Net10 at 877-836-2368 (Press options 2, 4, and 5 to reach an agent).
Additional Product Information
Net10 Wireless Prepaid Pay-as-You-Go Rates
Until the roll-out of Net10’s new prepaid pay-as-you-go and monthly rates, per-minute calling had a flat rate of $0.10 across all Net10 prepaid refill denominations. But to encourage prepaid users to take advantage of cheaper calling rates with higher top-up amounts Net10 released more flexible payment options, which now include prepaid monthly plans.

Net10 prepaid pay-as-you-go denominations start at $20 with 90 days of 200-minute airtime. Per-minute rates even go lower with higher prepaid mobile recharge amounts. A $30 top-up includes 60 days of 300-minute calls, while the $45 refill, with the same expiration period of 60 days, includes twice the airtime at 600 minutes. The highest prepaid refill denomination of $60, includes 900 minutes of airtime valid for 90 days. Pay-as-you-go text messaging costs $0.05 per text message sent and received. Net10 Wireless subscribers may purchase prepaid pay-as-you-go mobile recharges on with payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal.

Net10 Wireless Prepaid Monthly Plans
Frequent wireless service users may opt for Net10 monthly plans starting at $25, which includes 750 units of airtime with text messaging, picture messaging, and data. At twice the amount, prepaid users can take the advantage of month-long unlimited airtime, text messaging, picture messaging, web, email, and 411 calls all for only $50. Net10 prepaid unlimited monthly plans may also be purchased on

Customer Support
Net10 Wireless subscribers may call the virtual network’s customer care at 1-877-836-2368, or they can visit Net10 retail locations for the latest choice of handsets. Subscribers who intend to change their account information may click on the “My Account” link on the network’s online site, while other concerns may also be sent through email.

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