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Airvoice Wireless Cash Card

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Airvoice Wireless Cash Card

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Airvoice Wireless

Airvoice Wireless is an independent prepaid wireless service provider based in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Since its establishment in 1999, AirVoice has become one of the fastest growing mobile networks in the United States.  In 2005 Airvoice Wireless rolled-out a complete overhaul of its infrastructure and adapted the latest GSM technology to deliver an all new competitive network covering all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Because 100 percent of Airvoice Wireless mobile bandwidth is dedicated to providing high-quality prepaid mobile service, subscribers enjoy uninterrupted call, text, and data services. Instead of offering inflated contract rates to its prepaid subscribers, Airvoice Wireless adapts more flexible prepaid plans based on consumer usage patterns.

AirVoice Wireless steps ahead of the competition by providing cheaper per-minute airtime rates and unlimited talk & text options with nationwide coverage. Such low-cost prepaid plans are indeed appealing to mobile users who switch from postpaid cellular plans to save themselves from high costs and lengthy postpaid service contracts.

Denomination Sale Price Data MMS International Text International MMS Expiration Babble Rewards
$10.00 $10.00 400MB 10˘/MMS 10˘/text 10˘/MMS *** 10 points
More details - This add-on card can be used for extra web, MMS, international text, international MMS, ringtones, games, etc.
- This add-on card cannot be used for international calling.
Coverage AT&T Nationwide GSM Network
Usage Instructions PIN Activation options:
- Dial * 111* < Enter the 15-digit PIN number > press #, then press SEND.
- Dial 611 from your Airvoice phone and follow the automated prompts.
- Call 888-944-2355 from any phone and speak to an Airvoice agent.
- Click here to load your PIN online.
Customer Support Contact Airvoice Wireless customer support at 888-944-2355 or

***This add-on Cash Card will expire at the same time of your currently active monthly plan. Example: If your current unlimited plan expires in 5 days and you add this cash card now, it will expire in 5 days with your current plan.
Additional Product Information

**If this is your first time purchasing using MMS or data/web YOU MUST call AirVoice customer service at 1-888-944-2355 to properly activate the MMS/Data functions on your phone. You will not be able to use your phone until you call them first.


Airvoice Wireless Prepaid Refills

Airvoice GSM prepaid services do not require credit checks, activation fees, long term commitments, or other unnecessary fees commonly associated with traditional contract-based service plans. Such selling points prove appealing to more subscribers regardless of their credit scores.

Airvoice Wireless Prepaid Monthly Plans

Airvoice Wireless monthly refills start at $30.00. This includes unlimited talk and text for 30 days.

The NEW Airvoice Wireless $40.00 refill delivers unlimited talk, text, MMS + 1GB of web and $10 international long distance!

Airvoice Wireless Pay-As-You-Go

Not a heavy talker? Airvoice Wireless prepaid users may choose prepaid pay-as-you-go plans, with expiry periods that last longer as compared to that of other prepaid networks. Starting at $10, one can enjoy 90 days of $0.10 per minute of airtime. The $20 denomination, with a 120-day expiry period, still includes $0.10 per minute of calling but with an added bonus amount of $1 or 10 extra airtime minutes. For a $30 AirVoice prepaid top-up, with an expiry period of 150 days, $2 worth of bonus airtime is also added on top of the normal $0.10 per minute rate of prepaid calls.

Text messaging costs $0.10 per text message sent and received, and MMS costs $0.10 per message sent and received. 

Airvoice Wireless prepaid pay-as-you-go refills may be purchased using a credit card, debit card, or Paypal on—a convenient way to replenish more airtime minutes anytime and anywhere.

Airvoice Wireless Customer Support

Airvoice Wireless prepaid subscribers may contact customer support at 1-888-944-2355, Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST. One can also visit the network’s website and send questions and feedback regarding Airvoice Wireless prepaid services.

Trademark Disclaimer
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