Page Plus Cellular – Prepaid Monthly Plans

Page Plus Cellular – Prepaid Monthly Plans

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Product Description


With nationwide coverage and unparalleled per-minute call and text rates, Page Plus Cellular has become one of the leading wireless providers offering the convenience of prepaid cellular phone service. In essence, customers take advantage of the most flexible call and text plans without contracts and monthly bills. With Page Plus Cellular's largest nationwide coverage available, mobile users are guaranteed the best coverage across the United States.

Besides providing low-cost plans, Page Plus Cellular allows customers to top-up their minutes through retail stores or through online channels that accept Paypal or credit cards for payment. From unlimited calls and texts to low-cost data transfers, the services offered by Page Plus are indeed on par with that of other networks offering postpaid plans - an added appeal to more mobile phone users switching to prepaid cellular service. Additionally, the Page Plus App Store offers myriads of games, ringtones, and applications at more affordable prices.

Denomination Minutes Data International Expiration
$12.00 250 Minutes + 250 Text 10 MB N/A 30 days
$29.95 1200 Minutes + 3000 Text 500 MB (4G LTE speed) N/A 30 days
$39.95 Unlimited 1 GB
(4G LTE speed)
100 landline 30 days
$55.00 Unlimited Unlimited
(3 GB at 4G LTE, then 64 kbps)
200 landline 30 days
$69.95 Unlimited
(5 GB at 4G LTE, then 64 kbps)
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile to Mexico** + 400 landline 30 days
Additional Details **Unlimited Mobile to Mexico permits calling up to 15 unique numbers every 30 day cycle.
Coverage Verizon Wireless Nationwide Coverage.
PIN Activation Instructions Dial #737 + SEND from your Page Plus Cellular phone or call 1-877-359-6695 and follow the automted prompts.
Customer Support Dial #737 from your Page Plus phone or call 1-800-550-2436 from any land line.

Page Plus Cellular Airtime Refills

While many prepaid mobile service providers offer flat call and text rates, Page Plus Cellular broadens its appeal to a wider market base by lowering per-minute costs as top-up denominations go higher. A 10-dollar Page Plus Cellular refill for instance costs customers 10 cents per minute but with a higher refill denomination like an 80-dollar recharge it only costs 4 cents per minute. Such wider options firmly sets the Page Plus network one step ahead of its competitors.

Page Plus Cellular Prepaid Plan

With no monthly bills or lengthy contracts, Page Plus Cellular prepaid users can make the most of the network's call and text rates anytime and anywhere. With Page Plus Cellular refills, the options are so flexible that customers find the ease of choosing plans that satisfy their calling needs.

All Page Plus pay-as-you-go denominations include text messaging at 5-cents per text message sent or received. All denominations last for 120 days, except for the $80.00 refill which lasts 365 days.

Page Plus Cellular 1200 Talk and Text Top-Ups

At $29.95 per month, Page Plus 1200 Talk and Text makes every dollar spent all worthwhile with its cost-effective scheme. With this 30-day plan, one can use up to 1,200 voice minutes, send and receive up to 2,000 text/MMS messages, and enjoy 100MB of data. Overage charge for voice calling costs 10 cents per minute, while overage charge for each MMS and text message costs 10 cents and 15 cents respectively.

Page Plus Cellular Power Text Add-On

Heavy texters find this add-on package most appealing. With Page Plus Power Text add-on, one can enjoy 2,000 text messages for $10.95 per month or better yet, one can opt for unlimited text messages for only $19.95 per month.

Page Plus Cellular Unlimited Talk & Text

With no call and text overage fees the Page Plus Unlimited Talk and Text Plan is conceivably the ultimate package that offers the biggest returns to its prepaid users. At $44.95 per month, one can enjoy unlimited domestic calls and texts anywhere in the country. Also, what makes this plan more appealing is the 20MB of data included in the package.

Page Plus Cellular Phone Activation

With few exceptions, customers with an existing Verizon compatible CDMA cell phone can activate their mobile device on the Page Plus Cellular prepaid service by calling the network's customer support hotline at 1-800-550-2436. Alternatively, one can use the Page Plus network's activation portal for convenience. While both options are free of charge, Page Plus Cellular dealers who also offer phone activations may require fees, which may vary among the dealers.

Page Plus Cellular Customer Service

Page Plus Cellular customers can also take advantage of the network's superb customer service with its toll-free number: (800) 550-2436. Prepaid users on the other hand, can also call the network's hotline directly using their Page Plus prepaid mobile phones, or they can send an email for further inquiries.

With no monthly bills, no contracts, and no hidden charges, Page Plus Cellular service is indeed a fresh alternative to meet the growing demand for hassle-free mobile phone service.

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