Airvoice Wireless – Unlimited Monthly Autofill – $30 (500MB Data) (Autofill)

  • Airvoice Wireless – Unlimited Monthly Autofill – $30 (500MB Data) (Autofill)

Airvoice Wireless – Unlimited Monthly Autofill – $30 (1GB Data)

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You are about to enroll in automatic payment. With "autopay" your account will be billed automatically every 30 days and your phone will be replenished automatically to avoid service interruption.

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  4. Your Airvoice Wireless phone will be replenished automatically on the date and time you selected. Note: Although you are required to enter your payment information at the time of enrollment, you will not be charged until the date you choose to start the autopay.

To edit or cancel your automatic payment, please go to "My account" and click "recurring profiles".

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  • Product Description


    Airvoice Wireless offers unlimited monthly plans starting at $30.00, up to $50.00 for 30 days of unlimited calling and texting with no domestic long distance or roaming charges.

    Airvoice Wireless prepaid refills do not require credit checks, activation fees, or contract sign-ups commonly associated with contract-based service plans. These selling points prove appealing to customers who need flexible and affordable prepaid cellular service.

    Denomination Minutes SMS MMS Data International Expiration
    $10.00 250 2¢/SMS 10¢/MMS 6.6¢/MB N/A 30 days
    $30.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1GB Total (500MB High Speed then 500MB Reduced Speed) Unlimited 80+countries 30 days
    $50.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5GB Total (2.5GB High Speed then 2.5GB Reduced Speed) Unlimited 80+countries 30 days

    About Airvoice Wireless

    Airvoice Wireless is an independent prepaid wireless service provider based in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Since its establishment in 1999, Airvoice Wireless has become one of the fastest growing mobile networks in the United States. In 2005, Airvoice Wireless rolled out a complete overhaul of its infrastructure and adapted the latest GSM technology to deliver an all-new competitive network covering all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

    Because 100% of Airvoice Wireless mobile bandwidth is dedicated to providing high-quality prepaid mobile service, subscribers enjoy uninterrupted call, text, and data services. Instead of offering inflated contract rates to its prepaid subscribers, Airvoice Wireless adapts more flexible prepaid plans based on consumer usage patterns.

    Airvoice Wireless steps ahead of the competition by providing cheaper per-minute airtime rates and unlimited talk & text options with nationwide coverage. Such low-cost prepaid plans are indeed appealing to mobile users who switch from postpaid cellular plans to save themselves from high costs and lengthy postpaid service contracts.

    The Airvoice Wireless logo and the Airvoice Wireless product images are registered trademarks of Airvoice Wireless.

    Additional Details Contact Airvoice directly for specific country unlimited international calling information
    Coverage AT&T Nationwide GSM Network
    PIN Activation Instructions
      PIN Activation options:
    • Dial * 111* + PIN number + # + SEND from your Airvoice Wireless phone.
    • Dial 611 + SEND from your Airvoice phone and follow the automated prompts.
    • Call 888-944-2355 from any phone and speak to an Airvoice agent.
    • Click here to load your PIN online.
    Customer Support
    • Call toll-free 888-944-2355
      • 10am-10pm – Mon-Sat (EST)
      • 10am-6pm – Sun (EST)
    • Visit to submit questions and feedback regarding Airvoice Wireless prepaid services
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