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Vivacell - MTS - Armenia

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Vivacell - MTS(Armenia)

A subsidiary of Mobile Telesystems OJSC (MTS), VivaCell-MTS is the country’s leading mobile network operator with its latest mobile telecommunications infrastructure providing superb mobile services to more than 2 million subscribers in Armenia. VivaCell-MTS began its operation in July 2005 and has since expanded its market with its cost-effective postpaid and prepaid tariff plans.

Four years into its operation, VivaCell-MTS continued to improve its overall infrastructure by implementing 3G technology in addition to its existing 2.5G network. The availability of 3G coverage has enabled VivaCell-MTS subscribers to make video-calls and to access the internet at high speeds.

Although VivaCell-MTS continues to adapt the latest in mobile technology, its commitment to delivering high-quality cellular services has not hampered the network’s efforts to reach out to Armenian customers who cannot afford or sustain traditional contract-based plans. By offering cheaper prepaid tariffs, VivaCell-MTS now entitles the general population full access to the network’s products and services, which are no longer restricted to a few. Such strategy has pushed VivaCell-MTS to dominate the telecommunications industry with 80% of the market share.

However, VivaCell-MTS’s marketing strategy of offering too many plan options may prove to be confusing and complicated to a number of subscribers, possibly causing disputes and complaints in the long run. Also, subscribers need to identify their specific calling needs with a particular plan since choosing the wrong option could entail hefty mobile usage rates. Nevertheless, the mobile network’s commitment to cater to the specific needs of every customer is evident in its mobile tariffs and services.

*NOTE* Any applicable tariffs, taxes or fees already included in topup payment. All topup sales are final.

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Additional Product Information

VivaCell-MTS Prepaid Plans

YES Tariff Plan

VivaCell-MTS’s YES Tariff Plan offers the Armenian youth opportunities to explore the network provider’s mobile services at attractively lower rates. For instance, if mobile calls are placed from within university territories in Armenia, one is charged only (Armenian Dram) AMD1 per minute if he or she calls another YES mobile number. Calls to other VivaCell-MTS numbers on different plans are also affordable at AMD5 per minute.

If calls are placed from outside the university territories, calling other YES numbers would cost AMD5 per minute, and calling to other VIvaCell-MTS numbers would cost AMD15 per minute. Thus one needs to visit for a complete list of the universities included. All other domestic calls are charged AMD35 per minute.

Each SMS is charged AMD3 when sent to another YES number, while each text message sent to other local destinations costs AMD10. MMS, on the other hand, costs AMD15 per multimedia message whether the message is sent to any local network, to the MTS Group (MTS-Belarus, MTS-Russia, etc), or to any email address. Also, web access is charged a low rate of only AMD5 per MB of data.

As attractive as the plan may be, one cannot take advantage of SMS Package, My World, Midnight, Internet Night, and Internet Package as add-ons to the prepaid YES Tariff Plan. Also, the YES plan is not interchangeable with other prepaid tariff packages once activated.

Alo We Tariff Plan

VivaCell-MTS prepaid subscribers who frequently make calls to a regular mobile number may choose the Alo We prepaid tariff plan, which allows the mobile user to add one special number to his or her prepaid account for cheaper calling rates.

If the chosenspecial number is a VivaCell-MTS mobile number, calls are charged with alternating rates, in which the first two minutes of the call cost AMD10 per minute, and the next set of 10 minutes is charged AMD2 per minute. The 2-minute-10-minute cycle repeats indefinitely until the call is ended. On the other hand, calling to a special number on a Yerevan fixed network, RA network, or 374 97 network costs AMD36 per minute.

Mobile calls to regular numbers are considerably pricier, which cost AMD15 per minute to other Alo We numbers, AMD25 per minute to VivaCell-MTS numbers on different plans, AMD50 per minute to RA networks, and AMD42 per minute to 374 97 GSM network and 374 47 fixed network.

Each on-net SMS sent is charged AMD10, while each text message sent to other networks costs AMD20. Multimedia message (MMS), whether sent on-net or to other networks, costs AMD25 per message. Internet access is charged AMD65 per MB of data.

To switch to the Alo We prepaid tariff, prepaid users may dial *131*404#, after which a switching fee of AMD 200 is charged. Upon switching to this plan, subscribers may preset one personal number by dialing *240*(telephone number)#. To change the special number, one only needs to dial *240*(old number)*(new number)#. However, switching to another special number costs AMD500 per instance.

Dialect Tariff Plan

The Dialect Tariff Plan was launched to meet the calling needs of residents located within the regions of Armenia, hence the name of the prepaid plan. When calls are made from the Armenian regions to other Dialect mobile users, only AMD7 is charged per minute. Also, calls made from the regions to other VivaCell-MTS numbers are charged AMD37 per minute, while calls to RA networks, landline or GSM, cost AMD50 per minute. Calling to 374 97 GSM and 374 47 fixed networks charges AMD42 per-minute.

The Dialect prepaid plan is highly recommended only for mobile users living within the regions of Armenia. Once calls are made from Yerevan, rates become more expensive, charging AMD77 per minute to Dialect numbers, AMD77 per minute to other VivaCell-MTS subscribers, AMD50 to RA networks, and AMD42 to 374 97 GSM and 374 47 fixed networks.

Each text message (SMS) costs AMD20 and each multimedia message (MMS) costs AMD25. Internet access is charged AMD65 per MB.

Another advantage of choosing the Dialect Tariff Plan is that mobile users may add a special mobile service, Jan-Jan, which allows Dialect customers to make unlimited calls for seven days from within the Armenian regions. One needs to dial *707*# to activate the Jan-Jan unlimited calling service, which costs AMD700. Once the seven-day period has lapsed, the service automatically extends only if the prepaid account still has at least AMD700, otherwise the service will automatically expire.

For Dialect mobile users who wish to enjoy a month-long, lower per-minute mobile calling of AMD38.5 to RA GSM phones and fixed lines, the Good Price service may be the best option. To activate, one needs to dial *050# and a fee of AMD250 will be deducted from the prepaid account. The Good Price service expires after one month unless the prepaid account still contains at least AMD250, in which case the service will automatically be extended.

Dialing *131*707# switches the subscriber’s current plan to the Dialect Plan. Upon switching, a fee of AMD500 is charged.

18+ Tariff Plan

The 18+ Tariff Plan entitles the subscriber to create a calling group in which members enjoy cheaper calling rates. Such tariff plan targets the Armenian youth whose calling patterns revolve around close circle of friends and family members. An 18+ subscriber may create a group by inviting other 18+ mobile users. When at least one mobile user accepts the invitation, the calling group will automatically be created

With the 18+ prepaid tariff package, calls from one member to another member of the group cost only AMD8 per minute. However, mobile calling is charged AMD48 per minute to other VivaCell-MTS numbers, AMD50 per minute to RA networks, and AMD42 per minute to 374 97 GSM or 374 47 fixed lines.

Another advantage with the 18+ prepaid tariff plan is the cheaper SMS rate within the calling group, which only costs AMD8 per text message, while text messages sent to other domestic destinations cost AMD20 per message. Multimedia message, whether sent to local networks or to email addresses, is charged AMD20 per MMS. Internet access is also cheaper as compared to other VivaCell-MTS prepaid plans, which costs only AMD18 per MB.

To switch to the 18+ tariff plan, one needs to dial *131*808#, after which the prepaid account is charged AMD300. Sending invites to join the calling group costs AMD200, which is charged to the inviting party once the invitation is accepted. Also, the mobile user who accepts the invitation will be charged AMD200.

Number 5 Tariff Plan

With the Number 5 Tariff Plan, the first 5 minutes of airtime to VivaCell-MTS phones during the day cost AMD55 per minute, but subsequent calls only cost AMD5 per minute. As for text messaging, the first five SMS sent is charged AMD20 per message, but subsequent text messages within the day are charged only AMD5 per text message. The discounted rates are only applicable to on-net calls and to on-net text messages. Calls to RA cost AMD50 per minute, while mobile calling to 374 97 GSM and 374 47 fixed networks, AMD42 per minute.

Each text message sent to other networks deducts AMD20 from the prepaid account, and each MMS, whether sent to VivaCell-MTS, to other networks, or to email addresses, is charged AMD25. Data access costs AMD55 per MB.

By dialing *131*505#, users can switch to the Number 5 Tariff Plan with a switching fee of AMD300.

Magnis Tariff Plan

Of all the VivaCell-MTS prepaid tariff options, the Magnis Tariff Plan is the simplest with its flat airtime rates. Calling to another Magnis number only costs AMD10 per minute, while all other domestic calls are charged a flat rate of AMD35 per minute.

Each text message sent to a Magnis phone number is priced at AMD5, while each SMS sent to other local destinations costs only AMD15. MMS costs AMD25 per message, and data access is charged AMD65 per MB.

Dialing *131*303# switches the subscriber’s current plan to the Magnis Tariff Plan, which charges a switching fee of AMD200.

Extra Tariff Plan

The Extra Tariff Plan was launched to benefit prepaid subscribers who frequently receive more incoming calls. With this plan, one minute of low-cost airtime (AMD5 per minute) is added to the account for every 5 minutes of on-net incoming calls. Once outgoing calls are made, the accumulated airtime is initially consumed before the regular credit is utilized. One may dial *150# to check the extra minutes accumulated.

Regular calls to VivaCell-MTS and RA numbers cost AMD50 per minute, while calls to 374 97 GSM mobile phones and 374 47 fixed lines cost AMD42 per minute. Each SMS and MMS is charged AMD20 and AMD25, respectively. However, data access is considerably pricier than that of other plans at AMD75 per MB.

To switch to the Extra Tariff Plan, one may dial *131*909#; switching fee is AMD300.

Miasin Night Tariff Plan

As the prepaid plan’s name suggests, subscribers enjoy low per minute on-net calling rates from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. for only AMD6, while calls to 374 97 GSM and to 374 47 fixed lines cost AMD42 per minute. All other domestic calls, regardless of time, cost AMD50 per minute.

As for text messaging, each SMS sent to another VivaCell-MTS mobile user is charged only AMD6, while all other domestic text messages cost AMD20 per SMS. At AMD25 per message, one can send picture, video, or audio multimedia messages to local networks. Internet access, however, is twice as much as that of other prepaid plans, charging AMD130 per MB.

Prepaid users who intend to switch to the Miasin Night Tariff Plan may dial *131*202*1#, which deducts a switching fee of AMD200 from the account.

Special Tariff Plans

Today, VIvaCell-MTS offers three Special Tariff Plans: Tourist, 1000 & 1 SMS, and I Love… prepaid plans.

Tourist Tariff Plan

With the Tourist Tariff Plan, the first 10 SMS are free of charge, and the first 2 minutes of international calls cost AMD10 per minute. As for other airtime rates, mobile calls are charged AMD60 per minute to VivaCell-MTS numbers, AMD50 per minute to RA GSM numbers and fixed lines, and AMD42 per minute to 374 97 GSM and to 374 47 landline. Each SMS and MMS sent costs AMD20 and AMD25, respectively, while internet access costs AMD80 per MB. The Tourist prepaid refill card costs AMD3000.

1000 & 1 SMS Tariff Plan

VivaCell-MTS recognizes the mobile usage needs of hearing- and speaking-impaired individuals with the launching of 1000 & 1 SMS Tariff Plan, which entitles the prepaid user, on a monthly basis, 1001 SMS at only AMD4 per on-net text message. One only needs to dial *767# to check his or her remaining SMS allocations. Once the 1001 special text messages are consumed, subsequent text messages are charged AMD14 per SMS. Text messages sent to international numbers and to other destinations are also charged AMD14 per SMS.

Calling to VivaCell-MTS costs AMD40 per minute, while per-minute calling to RA, 374 97, and 374 47 networks costs AMD35, AMD40, and AMD40, respectively. As for MMS and data, each multimedia message sent costs AMD20, while internet access costs AMD75 per MB. Subscribers need to visit any VivaCell-MTS service center if they intend to switch to the 1000 & 1 SMS tariff plan.

I Love… Tariff Plan

The I Love You… Tariff Plan is VivaCell-MTS’s answer to the calling needs of couples, whom the plan entitles what the network dubs as Beloved Numbers. Calls between the two special numbers are free of charge anytime, while each SMS costs only AMD4. Calls to other VivaCell-MTS mobile subscribers cost AMD44 per minute, and per-minute of airtime to RA, 374 97, and 374 47 are priced at AMD35, AMD42, and AMD42, respectively. The I Love You… prepaid package refill top-up is priced at AMD2500 with 400 minutes of airtime already included.

Other Prepaid Packages

SMS Packages

The 30-day SMS packages offered by VivaCell-MTS provide four options to choose from. Starting with SMS 50, which costs AMD500, prepaid customers enjoy 50 text messages or an equivalent of AMD10 per SMS. Lower per-text rates are available with the following denominations: SMS 100 (100 SMS worth AMD800), SMS 150 (150 SMS worth AMD1000), and SMS 300 (300 SMS worth AMD1500).

VivaCell-MTS SMS packages, however, are not available as add-ons to Number 5, 1000 & 1 SMS, I Love You…, Tourist, and YES tariff plans.

Internet Package

VivaCell-MTS offers 30-day expiry internet packages. Starting with the inet 10 worth AMD400, one gets 10 MB of data. Other denominations include the inet 50 (50 MB worth AMD1500), inet 100 (100 MB worth AMD2500), and inet 500 (500 MB worth AMD6000).

For prepaid subscribers who purchase internet packages from July 4, 2011 to August 31, 2011, VivaCell-MTS doubles the MB size for each package; a 10MB package, for instance, automatically doubles to 20MB at just the same price.

The VivaCell-MTS internet packages are not available as add-ons to 18+ and YES prepaid tariff plans.

Subscribers need to dial *477*(package size)# to activate the internet plan, and they can also check their remaining data by dialing *477#.

VivaCell Prepaid Top-up Refills

VivaCell-MTS prepaid mobile recharges may be purchased from VivaCell-MTS service centers and other regional service centers and retail locations across Armenia. But for utmost convenience, prepaid subscribers may directly buy more minutes online through, which offers VivaCell-MTS prepaid refill denominations of $5, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, and $70. accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal as payment options. The prepaid load will be converted from U.S. Dollars to Armenia’s national currency upon purchase.

Customer Support

For customer support, VivaCell-MTS subscribers may dial +374 10 568 777 or +374 93 568 777. VivaCell-MTS customers may also email their general inquiries to or email their mobile service-related concerns to

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