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Loop Mobile

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Loop Mobile - India

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Loop Mobile (India)

Formerly known as BPL Mobile Communications, Loop Mobile is a mobile network operator that operates in 21 telecom circles in India, providing postpaid and prepaid cellular services with the network’s GSM infrastructures in Assam, Kolkata, North East, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, and other areas in the country.

Loop Mobile, a subsidiary of Vodafone Essar Limited, has had a rich history in India when the network’s predecessor, BPL Mobile Communications, was launched in 1994. In 2009, the expiry of BPL’s brand usage agreement with BPL Group, another company owned by TPG Nambiar, resulted to the adoption of “Loop” as the telecom’s new brand.

Loop provides local calling, national and international long distance, roaming, data, and mobile TV services. In some areas, the cellular network is also credited as the first to provide value-added service such as GPRS browsing, multimedia messaging, and caller ring tunes. In Mumbai alone, where Loop is currently based, the mobile network’s subscriber base now reaches more than 3 million customers.

In 2010, Loop mobile moved forward with its US$44.6 million investment to deploy 1,200 cell sites across Mumbai, further pushing the mobile network to the number one spot across the region.

Additionally, Loop was also the first to benefit customers by promising money-back guarantee for every dropped call. Also, Loop is the first to promise fast new-line activation time of only 15 minutes and also a response time of 10 seconds or less for each call to the network’s customer service center. If any of such guarantees is not met, Loop will offer free coffee voucher to the subscriber.

*NOTE* Any applicable tariffs, taxes or fees already included in topup payment. All topup sales are final.

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Customer Support By E-mail: 121@Loop *Mention your mobile no. like: 9810012345 in the subject of the mail without any space or any special characters between the digits for a quick response.

Additional Product Information

Loop Mobile Prepaid Calling Plans

Going for Great Plan II

Under this plan are two options, one priced at (Rupees) Rs72, and the other, Rs58. Although both offer the same package rates, the Rs72 option delivers Rs40.01 worth of included airtime, while the Rs58 package, only Rs20.10 worth of included talk time. Both packages have a tariff validity of one year.

With Going for Great Plan II, Loop-to-Loop mobile calls cost only 20paise per minute, while all other outgoing calls, STD or local, cost 50paise per minute. Each SMS sent, on the other hand, costs only 30paise.

The Going for Great Plan II package is ideal for mobile users who frequently roam in Maharashtra and Goa, where on-net and other local (non-STD) calls cost 50paise per minute. STD calls are charged higher at 80paise per minute. Also, all incoming calls are free of charge.

For all other locations within India, roaming costs slightly higher, charging 60paise per minute for local calls. However, STD calls cost the same at 80paise per minute. Also, incoming calls don’t come free of charge as subscribers need to pay 60paise for every minute of incoming call. While on roaming, each SMS costs Re1 regardless of the national location while roaming.

Besides enjoying lower rates, Loop Mobile prepaid users also take advantage of the “freebies” such as 900 free text messages, credited to the subscriber in packs of 10 SMS per day for 90 days. One also enjoys 2GB of mobile data per month for 3 months, or a total of 6GB of data. However, such special tariffs are not available while on roaming. After the one-year valid period, subscribers will be charged Re1 per minute for local calls and Rs1.5 per minute for national calls.

Mumbai Meri Jaan (New Subscriber)

For this plan, Loop Mobile offers different options between new subscribers and existing customers.

Customers new to Loop may choose either the Rs59 or the Rs86 Mumbai Meri Jaan plan. Although both denominations charge the same rate, the Rs86 offers Rs40.02 worth of free talk time and also includes 1,000 on-net minutes, which expire after 30 days. The lower denomination, Rs59, delivers only Rs20.02 worth of free airtime and 600 on-net minutes.

Pricing for the new subscription plans include Rs0.30 per minute of overage on-net calls, and Rs0.50 per minute for all other calls, local or STD. SMS costs Rs0.30 per text message sent to local numbers and Rs0.50 per text message sent to national destinations.

Mumbai Meri Jaan (600 Minute Benefit with Plan Migration)

This prepaid package allows existing Loop customers to migrate to the Mumbai Meri Jaan plan for only Rs59, which includes Rs20.02 worth of talk time and 600 minutes of on-net calls with 30-day validity. Once the free on-net talk time is consumed, subsequent Loop-to-Loop calls will be charged Rs0.30 per minute. All other calls, whether local or STD, will be charged Rs0.50 per minute. SMS costs Rs0.30 per text message to local numbers and Rs0.50 per text message to national numbers.

Mumbai Meri Jaan (1000 Minute Benefit with Plan Migration)

The 1000-Minute package, which offers the same charging schemes with that of the 600-Minute plan, costs slightly higher at Rs86, but includes more airtime allocations such as Rs40.02 worth of free airtime and 1000 minutes of on-net calls with 30-day validity.

Mumbai Meri Jaan (1000 Minute Benefit without Plan Migration)

Existing Loop subscribers on other plans can still opt-in for the 1000 Minute Benefit without the need to migrate from their existing plan. This package, priced at Rs87, entitles the subscriber Rs76.88 worth of free talk time and 1000 minutes of free on-net airtime. Because no migration actually takes effect with this package, the subscriber’s existing rates on his or her previous plan remain the same.

Per Second Plan

This per-second plan comes in two denominations for new subscribers, RS57 and Rs91, which come with Rs28.68 and Rs72.5 worth of free talk time, respectively. Once the free airtime is consumed, all other rates remain the same, charging only 1paisa per second for on-net and STD mobile calls. STD landline calls, on the other hand, cost 2paise per second. As for text messaging, each SMS sent to local numbers costs only 50paise, while each text message sent to national destinations costs Re1.

Additionally, the first 2 SMS sent for the day will be charged 50paise each, after which the subscriber will receive 100 free text messages per day for 90 days.

Dus Ka Gang Plan

The Dus Ka Gang Plan is Loop’s answer to the calling needs of closely connected groups, with the plan allowing registration of up to 10 Loop mobile numbers per calling group or “gang.” With the Dus Ka Gang Plan, subscribers may choose the Rs52 or the Rs92 denomination, which includes Rs25.14 and Rs73.41 worth of free talk time, respectively.

The Dus Ka Gang package, having one-year tariff validity, charges only 10paise per minute for all calls within the calling group, 30paise per minute for other Loop-to-Loop mobile calls, 50paise per minute for all other local calls, and Re1 per minute for all STD calls. On the other hand, each text message sent to local destinations cost 10paise, while each SMS sent to national numbers cost 50paise.

Not only is the Dus Ka Gang prepaid plan cost-effective in terms of delivering cheaper calling rates within registered groups, but the prepaid plan also proves flexible enough by allowing mobile users to subscribe to special rates such as, among many others, 2GB of daily mobile data for only Re1 per day (send “DKG1” to 50505 for 30-days’ worth of subscription),  30-day unlimited Facebook browsing for only Rs10 (send “SUBFB” to 50505), and free 6-month Loop Mail service (send “LMAIL” to 50303).

To subscribe to Dus Ka Gang, customers may purchase a new Loop SIM card from any Loop Mobile store or from any outlet and have the SIM card activated for the plan. Existing subscribers, on the other hand, can subscribe to the plan by sending “DKGNXT” to 50505.

Smart Paid

Depending on the subscribers’ needs, the Smart Paid plan comes in three denomination options: Rs88, which includes Rs60 and Rs77.78 worth of free airtime for new and existing subscribers, respectively; Rs288, which offers Rs259.11 worth of free airtime to new and existing subscribers; and Rs349, which delivers Rs314.41 worth of free airtime to new and existing subscribers. The Smart Paid tariffs are ideal for customers who frequently go on roaming across India, with such tariffs made even more affordable for mobile users who often roam in Maharashtra and Goa.

When subscribers use the plan within their home network, Loop charges 20paise per minute for local on-net calls, 30paise per minute for other local calls, and 50paise per minute for all STD calls. Text messaging, on the other hand, costs 10paise per message sent.

Roaming charges while in Maharashtra and Goa cost 30paise per minute for local Loop mobile calls, 50paise per minute for other local calls, and 80paise per minute for all STD calls; while text messaging costs a flat rate of Re1 per SMS sent to any destination in India. Additionally, incoming calls are free of charge.

For all other locations, all local calls are charged a flat rate of 30 paise per minute, while all STD calls, 50 paise per minute. However, incoming calls will be charged 80paise per minute. Meanwhile, text messaging will cost the subscriber Re1 per SMS sent to any destination within the country.

Among the three plan denominations available, only the Rs88 and the Rs349 options include 500MB and 2GB of mobile data, respectively.

Prepaid SMS Packs

For prepaid subscribers, Loop Mobile offers SMS 11 (200 local SMS, worth Rs11), SMS 21 (210 Local SMS, worth Rs21), and SMS 102 (1000 local and national SMS, worth Rs102). SMS 11 holds an expiry period of seven days, while the other two options expire after 30 days.

Loop Mobile Prepaid Refills

Loop Mobile customers may replenish their prepaid airtime by purchasing Loop prepaid top-up cards from authorized retail stores and Loop dealers.  Additionally,  offers Loop prepaid mobile recharge denominations of US$4, US$12, and US$20. Once purchased, the Loop prepaid refill denomination will be converted to India’s equivalent currency, the Rupee. accepts credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal as Loop Mobile prepaid load payment options.

Customer Support

Loop mobile users may dial 800 from their mobile phone to inquire about Loop’s current mobile service promotions. For service requests and complaints, subscribers may dial 198 from their mobile phone or dial 98210 99800 from any fixed line. Emails may also be sent to, or one may log on to

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