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Cubacel - Cuba

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Cubacel (Cuba)

Cubacel is the first telecommunications provider to deploy mobile coverage in the Republic of Cuba. Initially owned and controlled by Sherritt International, the mobile network operator ran its first operations using the analog AMPS and the digital D-AMPS mobile infrastructures. In 2005, the government of Cuba, through the state-owned Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA), bought Cubacel and another Cuban mobile network, C-Com.

Cubacel’s operations are directly controlled by ETECSA, 73% of which is owned by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Telecom Italia, a European-based telecommunications company, owns the remaining 27% of ETECSA’s stake.

In 2009, ETECSA moved forward with the deactivation of its D-AMPS network as part of the company’s plans to provide 100% GSM coverage under the frequency of 850MHz in Havana, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, and Varadero and 900MHz in other areas in Cuba. Today, ETECSA provides telephone, internet, and cellular services. Cubacel, the telecom’s mobile brand, provides wireless services to millions of Cuban residents as well as tourists visiting Cuba.

Just like other wireless service providers, Cubacel offers cutting-edge GSM mobile coverage that allows both postpaid and prepaid users to access mobile internet, make and receive international and domestic voice calls, and send and receive MMS and SMS within the coverage area.

*NOTE* Any applicable tariffs, taxes or fees already included in topup payment. All topup sales are final. 

Denomination Minutes Expiration Babble Points
$13.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 0 points
$15.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 5 points
$20.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 10 points
$25.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 12 points
$30.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 15 points
$35.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 17 points
$40.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 20 points
$45.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 22 points
$50.00 USD converted to Cuban Pesos (CUP) - 25 points
Long Distance Domestic Long Distance is included. 
Coverage Cubacel Coverage
Customer Support By Phone: +1-866-920-0222

Additional Product Information

Cubacel Prepaid Plans

Tourists who wish to enjoy Cubacel’s services for six months or less may pay a rental fee of (Cuban peso) CUC3 per day. Equipment rental fee of CUC6 per day is optional because many tourists already have their own handsets. On the other hand, Cuban residents who intend to access Cubacel’s prepaid services for more than 6 months are charged a one-time activation fee of CUC30.

During regular hours (7 a.m.-10:59 p.m.), both incoming and outgoing calls cost CUC0.45 per minute. During reduced or off-peak hours, (11 p.m.-6:59 a.m.), outgoing and incoming calls are charged CUC0.10 per minute. The rates apply to all types of calls, including talk time to fixed lines.

As for international calls, mobile airtime to the United States and the rest of the Americas (except Venezuela) costs CUC1.60 per minute. Calling to Venezuela is charged a special rate of CUC1.40 per minute, while international calls to all other destinations cost a flat rate of CUC1.80 per minute. All incoming international calls are free of charge.

Cubacel’s incoming and outgoing mobile airtime rates may be considered as too pricy for many residents and tourists, but domestic text messaging is more affordable.

Cubacel Prepaid SMS and MMS

Although Cubacel charges for incoming domestic calls, incoming text messages are free of charge, while each outgoing SMS to any domestic network costs CUC0.16. Each text message sent to international destinations costs a flat rate of CUC1.

As for multimedia messaging (MMS), receiving a picture message or any other MMS is free of charge, while sending to other Cubacel mobile numbers costs CUC0.30 per message. Each MMS sent to an email address, on the other hand, costs CUC2.30. Currently, Cubacel does not offer MMS sending to other domestic network operators and to international destinations.

Cubacel Prepaid Refills

Cubacel prepaid top-ups may be purchased from ETECSA stores, multiservice centers, mobile sales offices, specialty mobile shops, and retailers located across Cuba. But for greater convenience, Cubacel prepaid load denominations may also be purchased on, an online prepaid refill store that offers international top-ups. offers Cubacel prepaid mobile refills with prepaid top-up denominations of US$12, US$20, US$30, US$40, and US$50. Upon purchase, the Cubacel airtime recharge will be converted to an equivalent amount in Cuba’s national currency, the Cuban peso.

Customer Support

Subscribers can contact customer service from their handsets by dialing 112 for sales management, 113 for subscriber information, 114 for repairs, 118 for business information and customer protection, and 164 to know the status of their purchased phone cards. Cubacel mobile users may also contact Cubacel’s customer service from fixed lines by dialing (53) 5264-2266. Cubacel’s customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One may also visit, ETECSA’s website, which features Cubacel prepaid plans and other services.

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