Frequently Asked Questions


After placing my online order, how do I receive my PIN?

With exception to your initial transaction, your online airtime PIN order will instantly appear on your computer screen along with the instructions how to activate the PIN to your mobile account. In addition, your PIN is sent to your email address.

I have placed an airtime PIN order, but have not received my Pin.

On your initial order, your airtime Pin number is generated and sent to your email address after verification of your purchase by our Customer Service Department. Please provide us the best number to immediately contact you after placing your first initial order. One of our Customer Service Representatives will call you directly at the contact number you provided to complete your initial purchase. All future purchases will be instantly processed and the airtime PIN with activation instructions will appear directly on your computer screen and also be sent to your email address as well.

Do I have to sign a contract, provide credit information or pay a deposit to purchase services?

No. That's the advantage of prepaid service... easy, convenient and no strings attached! No Contract! No Deposit! No Hassle!

Can I purchase more than one product at the same time?

Yes, you can buy as many refills, top-ups, sim cards or phones as you want in one single purchase, with one exception. When it comes to international top-ups, we cannot reload the same phone number twice at the same time. For that reason, if you're buying more than one top-up for the same phone number, please place your orders separately to avoid top-up failures (we can refill two different international phone numbers at the same time, but we cannot refill the same phone number twice or more at the same time). 

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards (credit, debit or prepaid cards of these brands are accepted). Reward points can also be used for payments.

How do I know that my credit card information is protected?

Your security is a major priority to us and that's why we utilize the best security tools available to ensure your safety. Our home page contains the security information, including detailed information about the credit protection provider. VeriSign, GeoTrust, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are the available security providers.

Why is it necessary for someone to call me and verify my initial order?

We require all first time orders to be verified by our Customer Service Department. Confirming your initial order with us is our way of ensuring consumer protection against credit card fraud. Our highly-trained customer service representatives inspect and verify all new orders to guarantee your online security. All subsequent online orders are immediately processed at the time of purchase. Your airtime PIN number will appear on your computer screen immediately and also be sent to your email address.

How do I recharge my wireless minutes?

It's easy! Simply visit our website and choose your current service provider, select the product or plan you want to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. You must then follow the airtime PIN activation instructions to credit your purchase to your mobile account. We recommend that you immediately activate your airtime PIN to your account.

How do I activate my mobile phone?

If you have an unlocked T-Mobile or AT&T phone, you can activate it by using a SIM card. Please visit our SIM card section to see the available options.

If you have a Verizon CDMA phone, there are a few companies that you can activate with, including Page Plus, Red Pocket Mobile CDMAV, and Verizon prepaid. Please contact each carrier directly for more details.

If you have a CDMA Sprint phone, you can activate with Red Pocket Mobile CDMAS service or contact Sprint directly to explore other options. 

Keep in mind that blacklisted phones (phones that were reported stolen or that weren't paid out completely) and phones that are currently are under a postpaid contract cannot be activated with prepaid service. To find out if your phone eligible for activation with any prepaid carrier, please contact the prepaid carrier directly. 

Who do I call if I have a problem activating or using my service?

We highly recommend that you first call your Service Provider Customer Service department regarding, mobile handset activation, PIN airtime activation and any other issues pertaining to your prepaid mobile service. If your question or problem remains unresolved, please then call our Customer Service line.

How do I retrieve my PIN if I've lost or can't remember it?

Your pin number is always sent to your email address after purchase. You can also retrieve your pin number online by going to "My account" and then"My orders". If you cannot find your pin, please give us a call to get better assistance.

What is the charge for 411 Directory Assistance calls?

The cost for 411 Directory Assistance varies for each service provider. You can contact your service provider's customer service number to inquire about the cost for a 411 Directory assistance call, or we recommends that you call 1-800-Free-411 for all of your 411 Directory Assistance needs. We also recommend that you speed dial this number into your mobile phone. You will still be charged for any airtime minutes used to call 411 Directory Assistance, if applicable. 1-800-Free-411 can also be used from a landline phone as well.

What is the return/exchange policy on all airtime or calling card PIN transactions?

All PIN sales are final, no return no exchange policy. If you are having problems activating your PIN please contact your service provider directly.

How can I find out the model of my mobile phone?

The easiest way is to turn your wireless phone off, remove its battery cover, and read the label (it may be under the battery). Your wireless phone model number should be listed on that label.

What is the Reward Points program?

Reward Points  is a customer based loyalty program that rewards our members though a point based system. In addition to any discounts you may already receive on our website, you are also automatically enrolled in the Reward Points Program, giving you cash back rewards on each and every purchase! Each Reward Point is worth 1¢ and can be redeemed against any qualified product and service available at our website. Members will also be notified of exclusive special rewards days that you will receive double (and even triple!) Reward Points!
Program details and rules:

  • The Reward Points Program has no enrollment or annual fee.
  • Reward Points are non-transferable but never expire!
  • Earned reward points can be redeemed on any future purchase.
  • Customers earn points based on the retail cost of the product. 
  • Reward Points automatically accumulate in your account and can be redeemed at any time at your request. 
  • Anytime you elect to redeem your points, 100% of the earned points in your account are credited against your purchase. Partial point crediting is allowed if you choose to do so.

Can I top-up an international phone that doesn't belong to me? 

Absolutely. You can top up any international phone as long as you know the phone number and the name of the wireless carrier. If you do not know the name of the carrier, please contact the phone owner to find out. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to lookup the carrier using the phone number.

Can I buy a PIN or a top-up for a phone that is not in my posession?

Absolutely. Pins can always be redeemed from a land line if you don't have the phone with you. You can also top up international phones for friends or relatives without having to have the phone with you.

I purchased a wireless top-up but accidentally entered the wrong phone number. What can I do?

If the phone number you entered is invalid and doesn't exist, your top-up will most likely fail and you will qualify for a refund. If the phone number you entered is wrong but valid (meaning that it belongs to someone else), your top-up will most likely go through and you will not qualify for a refund. Please note that once a top-up goes through successfully it cannot be refunded under any circumstance.

Your website says my top-up was successful but I still haven't received the funds.

Please go to your order history and review the order details. Make sure you selected the right carrier and entered the correct phone number. If everything is correct, please ask the recipient of the refill to reset the phone. Also, please make sure that the phone is in area with good reception. If the phone is in an area with bad or no reception, the funds will be added automatically to the phone as soon as the phone acquires signal. If you still haven't received the funds in your phone, please call our customer service line for further assistance.

I want to purchase an international top-up but I don't know the name of the carrier.

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to find out the name of your carrier, even if we're provided with the phone number. If you don't know the name of the carrier, please contact the owner of the phone to find out.

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