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Cellcom – Guinea

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Bmobile (formerly Cellcom) is a mobile network operator based in the West African country of Guinea. The wireless provider is owned by Bmobile Telecommunications Limited, a communications company established in 2004, when the telecom commenced its initial operations in Liberia. In other regions, Bmobile also operates mobile infrastructures in Angola and Sierra Leone.

Bmobile Guinea was launched in May 2008, when Ericsson successfully deployed the wireless operator's GSM infrastructures across the country. Having invested more than US$100 million to date, Bmobile, which became the fifth entrant to the Guinean telecommunications market, now holds the second spot among the largest telecoms in Guinea. Today, Bmobile boasts more than 650,000 subscribers, penetrating about 65 percent of the Guinean population across more than 40 localities and employing over 600 employees.

In March 2008, Emerging Capital Partners was reported to have invested US$20 million in Bmobile Telecommunication Limited, Bmobile Guinea's parent company.

In Guinea, Bmobile offers GSM mobile coverage supporting local and international airtime, data, SMS, and other value-added services to its cellular subscribers. The network's affordable prepaid services appeal greatly to the Guinean population, contributing significantly to the wireless network's success in recent years.

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