Tracfone Wireless – Prepaid Pay As You Go

Tracfone Wireless – Prepaid Pay As You Go

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Product Description


A subsidiary of Mexican-based Amrica Mvil, TracFone (formerly Topp Telecom Inc.) is the leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the United States in terms of coverage with more than 30 wireless network hosts. First established in 1996 as a prepaid service provider, the Florida-based MVNO now has over 10 million prepaid subscribers and more than 70,000 retail locations nationwide.

Unlike most prepaid virtual networks, TracFone aligns itself with the basic call and text needs of its prepaid subscribers and highlights quality of service over unnecessary flashy features that most networks advertise to gain higher profit margins.

As a prepaid service provider, TracFone provides cost-effective alternatives to traditional service plans by delivering simple, controllable prepaid wireless service with no contracts, no activation fees, and no monthly bills.

Denomination Minutes Expiration
$19.99 60 units 90 days
$29.99 120 units 90 days
$39.99 200 units 90 days
$79.99 450 units 90 days
$99.99 400 units 365 days
PIN Activation Instructions Dial 1-866-596-1864 and follow menu prompts
Customer Support Call toll-free 1-800-867-7183

TracFone Wireless

Although TracFone offers no data and international roaming services, its wide selection of simple-to-use prepaid handsets appeals to a consumer base whose needs are nothing more than the basic features of domestic airtime calling and messaging. With TracFone, unused minutes are carried over as long as the prepaid handset is recharged before the expiration date. In addition, TracFone handsets provide constant usage information (such as balance and expiration date) to subscribers to help them manage their mobile phone usage.

TracFone Pay-As-You-Go Prepaid Rates

Compared to other prepaid service providers, TracFone offers much simpler pay-as-you-go payment options. Starting at $19.99, prepaid subscribers can take advantage of 60 calling minutes, or roughly $0.33 per minute of airtime calling. As the prepaid refill amounts go higher, per-minute rates go lower. For instance, the highest denomination priced at $79.99, already includes 450 minutes or about $0.18 per minute of airtime. Other denominations include $29.99 and $39.99 with 120 and 200 minutes respectively.

Customer Support

Customers can contact TracFone customer support at 1-800-867-7183. Subscribers can also visit TracFone retail locations nationwide to catch a glimpse at the choice of affordable handsets that the network offers.

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